Saturday, March 8, 2014


"Vivas en su Jardín"

"Vivas en su Jardín" by Angely Martinez (me), 2014.

Today is International Women's Day, but March is Women's History Month.  To celebrate this beautiful day and this month, I want to dedicate this post to Las Hermanas Mirabal.  Las Hermanas Mirabal were four sisters that fought and died to liberate Dominican Republic from the tyranny of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina. Three of the sisters, Patria, Minerva, and María Teresa were killed on November 25th, 1961, but the government tried to deceive it as an accident. The UN declared November 25th as "International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women."   There was only was sister that survived: Dedé.  She lived her whole life to tell the stories of "Las Mariposas" (The Butterflies) and how they fought for the freedom we have today. Las Hemanas Mirabal also Dedé passed away earlier this year. 

I made the piece above "Vivas en su Jardín" ("Alive in their Garden") as a tribute to Las Hermanas Mirabal, which  is named after Dedé's 2009 book of the same title.  The butterflies hanging in the tree branch by each flower represent all four sisters.

Note: When sharing the artwork, please be kind to give credit.

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