Friday, June 21, 2013


Madonna's MDNA: An Epic Show, Full of Hard Work

Madonna seems to be very busy these days. Her 2012 "MDNA" Tour was one of the most epic shows in music history full of creativity, controversy, and lots of costumes.

And now, "Madonna: The MDNA Tour" is coming to TV!!

Madonna has been making different public appearances this year. First, we saw her attending the MET Gala in May with her punk inspired outfit.  Later on, she received the  Billboard's "Top Touring Artist Award" at The 2013 Billboard Music Awards (article) and premiered the "Madonna: The MDNA Tour" trailer.  Then, she made an inspiring speech at the "Chime for Change" concert, and most recently, attending a viewing party of the show this week in NYC.  All these appearances combined have helped in promoting the upcoming release of the film "MDNA," her highest grossing tour to date (yes, it topped her 2008 Sticky and Sweet Tour).

Since EPIX will be airing the show this weekend, and based on what I have seen, they have developed a 360-degree Marketing Strategy to raise awareness for the show.  Check the photos below.

Promotional Poster




This new take on the "cone bra"/ buister was designed by French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who created her costumes for her controversial and legendary "The Blond Ambition Tour."

Madonna posed with her dancers on the red carpet for the premiere of the film
"Madonna: The MDNA Tour." Dolce & Gabbana and The Cinema Society hosted the event.

Madonna wore a very fashionably androgynous during the event.

All over the Town: Outdoor Advertising has been significantly used to get the word out there as well.

There's also the "MDNA For A Day Sweepstakes". Check the video below for details on how to enter:

EPIX's YouTube Channel has been adding videos almost everyday this week of the "MDNA Workshop," where dancers are shown auditioning for the show and learning different types of dance or art forms such as "slacklining,"  and short clips from the performances themselves, showing all the hard work that was put into this show.

Check out some of the "Madonna: MDNA Workshop" videos below:


"Bone Breaking Dancers (Double-Jointed)"

"Men in Pumps"

TAIT Towers created and build the out of this world stage.  Here is the video from about how they did it.

"Madonna: The MDNA Tour" premieres worldwide on EPIX this Saturday, June 22nd at 8pm EST.  EPIX is available on Verizon FiOS and on

The DVD will be release on August 27th, 2013.

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