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Gaga's "ARTPOP Pop Up:" A Combination of Art + Commerce

ARTPOP's Album Cover

Lady Gaga's latest music project, ARTPOP, was just released this past Monday, November 11th, 2013. To possibly give a bigger push of publicity and interactivity for the promotion of the album, she did a special party titled "artRAVE" on Sunday, Nov. 10th at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (read more here), and open two 3-Day pop up stores, one in NY and the other in LA.  Being the huge Mother Monster fan that I am, I knew I had to go to see it.

"Swine Mask" 

Located in the Meatpacking district of New York City, specifically in the luxury fashion store area, "ARTPOP Pop Up: A Lady Gaga Gallery," is an interesting and strategic partnership that blends the cross between "art and commerce" for sure. It showcased artistic works from Lady Gaga and other artists that have worked with her, and integrates other companies' products (Beats headphones and Just Dance) to celebrate one of the most anticipated albums of the year by the theatrical superstar. You can also read Zack O'Malley Greenburg's Forbes article analyzing the Pop Up store right this way

A few of the "Artpop" Lyrics

The pop up store/ art gallery was very simple. It had several lyrics from songs such as "Dope," "Artpop," and "Venus" (one of my favorites from the album), a Beats headphone/ photo opp section (check the slideshow below for my photo), a Just Dance area near the entrance of the store where attendees could dance to "Applause,"  posters of singles from the album, a small area to buy merchandise (i.e. t-shirts) and albums, a section to express your creativity with chalk, lost of music, and of course, some of her most notable outfits.

"Bone Dress": She wore this on the "Applause" music video

There were about 9 costumes in this small exhibit, and I have to say that I realized something when I closely saw them: they are actually very simple.  I think it is inspiring for other people because it shows that any of us can create something, in this way displaying our ideas visually. An "Applause" for Gaga for allowing the public to see up close some of her Out of This World stage outfits.  

Although I wish there were more things on display at the store (maybe because I went the last day), Lady Gaga is definitely pushing the boundaries in terms of marketing tactics to promote her newest product, ARTPOP

Check out more photos below!!! 

The gallery/ store opened between November 11th-13th.

Fact: 20 of the Limited Edition albums sold at the store contained A Golden Ticket,"...Like Willie Wonka" - as quoted from one of the store associates.  This ticket is for a Lady Gaga VIP concert, with Meet and Greet included.

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