Monday, May 19, 2014


An Unforgettable Weekend with Unforgettable People

Photo of the Group at Sunset. Sam The Cobra with That Red Balloon. Bushwick Inlet Park. 

On Saturday, May 17th , 2014, thousands if not millions of people around the world came together to be come part of World Wide InstaMeet 9 (a.k.a WWIM9), an event created by Instagram and organized with the help of the biggest Instgrammers. Having gone to the InstaMeet in Brooklyn and feeling full of inspiration, I had to write about it. Here it goes.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I couldn't have made a better decision but to go explore Brooklyn during the WWIM9, my first ever InstaMeet organized by Jose Silva and Dave Krugman (check out their awesome feeds). It all started in Transmitter Park, or what  Silva calls "a hidden gem," a huge crowd of people by the waters of the East River were all greeting each other, talking, some of them saying hello to their friends, and some of them meeting new ones (me and Loca Babylee). It was the beginning of something awesome.

Me with The Red Balloon. Photo by Stephanie Persaud. She has a food blog too.

As we started walking towards Williamsburg, following That Red Balloon, everyone started getting into their elements: taking photographs and doing cool stuff. It was as if a hub of creative energy was just bursting out of people and feeding off each other. Everybody was so friendly and approachable, each with their own unique abilities like Sam The Cobra (check his feed for his backflips and photos of NYC), Laura, who's WXYZ Jewelry is just contemporary design at its finest, and other great people that I met including ParisPanam, Yokace, ab_intra3, New York City VibeSkinny Was Here, Sean Moyano, Jeremy Cohen, with his iconic beard, and Elif, who happened to have the same red nail polish as me.  If I forgot to mention anyone I met, please say in the comments section below.

In this InstaMeet, I felt welcomed to share the things I do. Its positive energy gave me the inspiration to be adventurous, whether it is in your everyday life, career, or a fun day during the weekend. Being an artist myself, you always want to surround yourself with people that inspire you and that are inspiring!

Part of the group and the cool kid with the Yellow Mask.

Thanks to J.N. Silva and Dave Krugman for organizing this event. Follow the action on Instagram with the #thatnycmeet and #wwim9.  For now, until next time on A+F by AM.

Check more photos below!

Claudia Zakrzweski (a.k.a. Claudunia) showing some strength.

Kick  and Loca Babylee (Make sure to check his feed as well).

Model: Nikki Vanco
Behind-the-Scenes action

Model: Angie

Loca Babylee, Vankz, and Mr. Cohen. Make sure to check out his killer feed.

There's always a road leading somewhere else. I'm looking forward to the next InstaMeet.

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