Wednesday, July 16, 2014


"Transcommunality...:" A must-see exhibition at BRIC House

This summer has been very busy. So many great shows to see, sunny (and rainy days) in the city to enjoy, and going on different adventures with my artwork. This past weekend, while attending a "Kilnformed Jewelry Design" workshop with Dena Pengas, I saw a great exhibition at BRIC House.

The exhibition,  Transcommunality: Laura Anderson Barbata, Collaboration Beyond Borders, showcases Mexican artist Anderson Barbata's long term collaboration with stilt dancing groups in Mexico, and Trinidad & Tobago, which includes video, photographs, and elaborate wearable works, (in this instance presented as sculptures), each with a symbolic meaning. As explained on BRIC's flyer for the exhibit, "Transcommunality is based on the concept of building bridges between international communities." This is clearly reflected in all the works, as you can definitely see all the fusion of the cultures involved in the project.

In addition to working with these groups, Anderson Barbata has been working with other artists in the States, most notably the Brooklyn Jumbies, with whom she created a performance during Occupy Wall Street, "...[Responding] to the global impact of the financial crisis and the urgent need to inspire change in the values and practices of the financial sector" (BRIC's exhibition description, 2014). This statement demonstrates that her work is all about creating social change, a practice that many artists are currently using as a way to improve and positively impact a community.

Transcommunality: Laura Anderson Barbata, Collaboration Beyond Borders is currently on view now through August 31st, 2014 at BRIC House. A few more photos below! Until next time.--A.M.

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