Monday, December 23, 2013


5 Days of Artistic Works: Day 3 - Bead Work

Projects 4-7: Bead Work

Something that I really enjoy about jewelry is randomly creating pieces with beads, or in other words, beading, almost like sewing without a needle.  None of the shapes of these projects were planned. Every single one came up as I was wiring the beads together. For this part, I created a series of 4 projects, the majority of them with only beads and wire.  Each one follows a color theme.  I created these works one after the other and also while creating tow of them at once. See the shapes and color themes I came up with below. The works speak for themselves.

Project 4. Black Butterfly. 

Project 5. Red

Project 6. Clouds

Project 7. Purple

The 5 Days of Artistic Works by Angely Martinez Series continues tomorrow, with 
Project 8. #artisticworksbyam

These artworks and all the photos of the artworks are the property of Angely Martinez.
© 2013 Angely Martinez. All Rights Reserved.

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