Friday, December 20, 2013


The Process of Letting go: The "5 Days of Artistic Works by Angely Martinez" Series

Photo and Artwork by Angely Martinez.

I usually write about things that focus on the bridge between art and fashion, but never about my own artwork.  The last few months have been a life changing time for me...Well, let's say, this whole year.

After several months of being unable to create absolutely nothing, I got back in touch with my artistic side earlier this fall after presenting my previous jewelry work at the same jewelry course I took a few years ago while at LIU.  A little bit of wire, listening to Lady Gaga's ARTPOP, The Reflektors, and other great music, plus going to museums and using materials I already have at home, lead me to create new pieces and to transform other objects.

During the process of creating these works, I realized it was all about one thing: letting go. It was all about letting go of my thoughts and allowing my mind to take me whichever way it could.  One piece lead to the other, and the other piece lead to something else.

Sometimes we get so cut up in one thing that we loose track of other things that are important to us. That is part of life, of growing up, but we cannot let it take the best of us. In many cases, it is in the most struggling stages of our lives when our creativity can take us places we never thought we would.  Like Brandon Stanton ("Humans of New York") said in an interview for TIME's 30 Under 30 series, it is all about the continuous process of "working" and not getting so cut up in having the best idea. Therefore it is truly the process of letting go, of starting something that will lead somewhere else.  This has been one of the toughest years I have ever faced (and I do not believe it is the last one), specially finding my way in the world and dealing with "the trials and tribulations" of life after college.

Reconnecting with art has greatly alleviated my worries, feelings of hopelessness, and the feeling of being stuck. Little by little, I am letting them go through the process of creating things to express myself.

For the first time ever, I will be sharing some of my new work on my blog and mostly to the public (although I publish a few little fun things now and then on Instagram); it is time to show it and to let go.

In the next 5 days, I will be publishing the works I have created this year as part of my new series, 5 Days of Artistic Works by Angely Martinez. Use the #artisticworksbyam to spread the word.

Stay Tuned...

Your turn: What are the ways in which you use your creativity? How has it help you during difficult times?

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