Tuesday, December 24, 2013


5 Days of Artistic Works: Day 4 - The Transformation of a Petal

Project 8. The Transformation of  a Petal

Everything has the ability to be transform into something else. The Transformation of a Petal is a piece about something I had already made and then, with my inspired thoughts, change into something beyond the initial possibilities. That is a very important part of creativity, letting the journey infuse you with imaginative ideas.  The piece was created in a process of a few days, as I figured out exactly how it would turn out to be. I wanted to make sure that every single part of the polymer clay (i.e. fimo) petal (the base) was completely covered, to the point you could not tell what it was before.

The Transformation of a Petal.  Polymer Clay, Plastic, Glass, Metal. © 2013 Angely Martinez. All Rights Reserved.

It is all in the details! Close up of the piece.

The series 5 Days of Artistic Works by Angely Martinez continues tomorrow, with 
Project 9! #artisticworksbyam

The artwork and all the photos of the artwork are the property of Angely Martinez.
© 2013 Angely Martinez. All Rights Reserved.

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