Monday, December 30, 2013


"5 Days of Artistic Works:" A Short Summary

A Visual Summary of the Artwork I created as part of this series.

Last week, I spent 5 Days finally publishing a whole body of artwork that I created this year, specifically during the Fall.  As I mentioned on the post "The Process of Letting go: The "5 Days of Artistic Works by Angely Martinez" Series", this was a creative period about letting go. Creating all these pieces was a liberating process and publishing them on my blog was liberating as well.  As I mentioned in one of the posts, I am still creating and I continue to do so as much as possible.  It is definitely a never ending process. Although only 9 projects were part of this series, I decided that I will continue publishing my artwork in 2014 and in the future on this platform that I have created for myself.

If you missed any post from my series "5 Days of Artistic Works by Angely Martinez," here are the links below.

Day 1: The Explosion of Ideas and Thoughts and A Shoe (Miniature)
Day 2:  A Collage
Day 3:  Bead Work
Day 4:  The Transformation of a Petal
Day 5:  Rojo Como La Rosa

For now, until next year on A+F by AM.

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